Awards and recognitions received by Tweri Alzheimer Caregiver

Several awards have been already given to Tweri Alzheimer Caregiver, the mobile app that allows people with Alzheimer's disease to live their life independently while their caregivers and loved ones keep calm. This underscores the usefulness and social work performed by Tweri and its team

At the same time we want to thank all those people and organizations that took Tweri Alzheimer Caregiver into account to receive their awards, but also to form part of the candidates. The recognition of our effort encourage us to keep working and improving.

  • Tweri, one of the best e-health apps in Spanish


    The App Date

    Our mobile app for people with Alzheimer's has been one of the 50 included in the first report that will serve as a reference for mHealth field.

    The App Date chose the best e-health apps among the more than 97.000 currently existing in the apps stores following criteria based on quality, user experience, medical usefulness and contribution to improving health. This way the 50 best mobile apps in Spanish report will serve as a reference for mHealth sector in Spain and Latin America.

  • Cibervoluntarios Foundation includes Tweri in the book 'Redvolution'


    Cibervoluntarios Foundation

    Cibervoluntarios Foundation created the initiative to highlight the efforts made by a great number of people who try to improve the opportunities, capacities and rights of the others through the new technologies.

    One of the initiatives that they yearly carry out within the framework of this movement is the edition of the book 'Redvolution: the power of the connected citizen'. In 2012 Cibervoluntarios Foundation chose Tweri as one of these projects that develop citizen empowerment.

  • IMSERSO includes Tweri in OPTICAE project



    IMSERSO's CEAPAT and the Spanish Foundation of Companies and Society chose in 2012, which was the European Year for Active Aging and Solidarity between Generations, 57 business initiatives that improved people's autonomy during their aging.

    This project was called OPTICAE: Business opportunities about Information and Communication Technologies for the autonomy of seniors, a book that gathered all these business initiatives. Among the projects CEAPAT included Tweri as a way to provide independence to people with Alzheimer's disease and, at the same time, peace of mind to their caregivers and loved ones.

  • Tweri wins the Special Prize of the Jury in The App Date Awards


    The App Date

    Over the years, The App Date has come to be an international reference for content creation, investigation and promotion of mobile apps. With an already consolidated reputation, in 2011 The App Date jury chose Tweri as the best application of the year among the 60 candidates.

    The recognition of receiving this award was specially rewarding due to the importance of the members of the jury, which was formed by experts like the Spanish journalist Rosa Jiménez Cano, the Ablah developer, Juan Carlos Gonzalez, the president of Antena 3 Films or Mikel Lejarza Ortiz, the developer and winner of The App Hunter.

  • Third prize in the Audience Award and Finalist for Catalonia in the European Satellite Navigation Competition


    European Satellite Navigation Competition

    Galileo Masters – European Satellite Navigation Competition is an international contest that awards every year the best satellite navigation apps. This competition has the aim of rewarding the best services, products and innovations that introduce satellite navigation in people's daily life.

    In 2011 the mobile app for people with Alzheimer's Tweri Alzheimer Caregiver was a finalist for Catalonia in this contest and also achieved the third place in the Audience Award.

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