Source: The App Date 20 March 2014

The App Date chooses tweri as one of the best e-Health apps in Spanish

Our mobile app has been one of the 50 apps chosen by The App Date to be included in a first report that will be a reference for mHealth sector.

Presentación del informe en el BBVA Innovation Center. Foto de The App Date.
Presentación del informe en el BBVA Innovation Center. Foto de The App Date.

With over 97.000 e-Health apps avaliable in all app stores together, choosing which one should you install can be a hard decition to take. Aware of this problem, The App Date decided to elaborate with the help of Zeltia Observatory a report including the 50 best e-Health apps in Spanish.

The report was made following certain standards such as user experience, medical usefulness and healthcare improvement and tries to provide a reference for e-Health mobile app sector in Spain and Latin America, set some quality standards and map the current situation.

We are very proud to announce that one of this excellence samples is precisely tweri, our geolocated mobile app that tries to improve the quality of life of people with Alzheimer's disease, as well as their loved ones and caregivers'.

We would like above all thank The App Date and all the report contributors for the great effort put on this work, as well as for the enormous honor for us to be named on the report. Thanks for encouraging us to keep the hard work.

‘Informe de las 50 mejores apps de salud en español’ from THE APP DATE on Vimeo.

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