How to use tweri Alzheimer caregiver

Caregivers and people with Alzheimer's disease can start using Tweri right away just with an smartphone and the application installed on it. First of all, the caregiver sets safety limits by means of time -setting the maximum time during which the patient might be alone, moving on his own- or by means of distance -setting a starting point and a radius from which the patient cannot get out-.

And then, if these limits are exceeded,Tweri will automatically dispatch safety alerts to report this event to the caregiver. From that moment on, Tweri will send alerts each five minutes. In addition to this, the patient can also send an alert in case of feeling lost or disoriented by pressing a button.

Moreover, if a fault occurs in the tracking device or if the mobile phone's battery goes dead, Tweri will send an alert to the caregiver attaching the last known position.

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