¿What is Tweri?

Tweri Alzheimer's Caregiver is the mobility solution developed by the spanish company solusoft, that provides peace of mind to the caregivers of people with Alzheimer's disease and empower affected persons, in the early stages of the disease. It's during the two early stages when the affected persons begin to feel disorientated. This causes people with Alzheimer's disease loseeasily,even if they arefamiliar with the place.

To solve this problem solusoft has developed a position tracking application which allows people with Alzheimer's disease to live their routine homebound autonomously. Meanwhile, their carers can be sure that they will be informed if there is a problem.

Tweri works just by having a smartphone with the app installed on it. This solves a second problem: the high price of the traditional location devices for people with Alzheimer's, a cost that has to be added to the investment on medical treatments.

The result is peace of mind, autonomy and freedom in return for a very low price, as, owing to the use of smartphohes, the user will only have to pay the mobile phone charges.

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