Tweri is a mobile application for iPhone and Android smartphones that allows caregivers or relatives to follow and possibly locate people with Alzheimer's disease. This makes it possible to give freedom and autonomy to the affected in the first stages of the disease and, at the same time, provides a feeling of safety and peace of mind to the caregivers when the person in his charge goes out.

solusoft, being aware of the financial problems that these families can have due to the high price of the treatments for Alzheimer's, turned tweri into an inexpensive tool,  avoiding extra expenses to the family.

The innovation of this solution lies in the use of a server software, which runs part of the operations and communicates alerts to the caregiver. If a fault occurs in the tracking device, it is possible to communicate that problem and the last known position.

Moreover it is not necessary a control center because the server software provides accurate information  to families and caregivers to act in case of problems.

You can download tweri for free in the different app stores. This means that the user will only have to pay the mobile phone bill.

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