solusoft is a computer consultancy whose aim is to offer its customers computer solutions that fit their business through the useof advanced technologies and methods. Our highly qualified staff develop software and systems that obey efficiency, quality, competitivity and profitability criteria. All this turn solusoft into one of the best spanish companies in its field.

After more than 20 years working with information technologies, solusoft is immersed in a new era. This new phase is developed by our division solusoft innova, and arised from our experience and knowledge in our field and new processes. All this has the purpose of making innovations and developing new products.

We believethat a company mustgobeyond mereeconomic sphere. A business should not be limited to pay taxes and make wealth, but also return to Society what we get from it. That's why part of our work is devoted to social projects, trying to help people in need.

From the fruits of this labour arised Tweri Alzheimer's Caregiver.

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