Source: 10 November 2014

The new Tweri Alzheimer Caregiver has arrived

The geolocated mobile app for people with Alzheimer's disease has a new version, in which user experience has considerably improved as well as new features have been added.

The new Tweri, now available for Android and iPhone.
The new Tweri, now available for Android and iPhone.

A new Tweri has arrived to the app stores. The mobile app for people with Alzheimer's disease par excellence has launched a new version with an improved design, which underscores user experience, making Tweri a much more usable mobile application.

With the aim of making the use of Tweri easier, the configuration of the app can be now done in a much simpler way in just three steps, avoiding tedious configuration and registration forms.

Apart from a more intuitive and simple image and use, Tweri has implemented new functionalities. Among them we can find a new option that allows the caregiver to track the affected's route through GMS triangulation, a system with which routes can be tracked through the GPS network on mobile phones.

The new Tweri also alows to accede remotedly to the affected's location and alerts from the web dashboard that you will find on the app's website. Moreover the caregiver can also decide how often he will be receiving the alerts.

One of the most remarkable novelties is the functionality that allows the caregiver to configure the affected's tracking screen with a photograph. This way if the patient feels disoriented and sees that image in his smartphone, he will identify the caregiver's face, for instance, quickly.

All this improving, moreover, the battery consumption of the app during tracking. And, of course, Tweri will still be free for Android users as well as for those ones who have an iPhone.

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