Source: 26 June 2012

tweri in 'Redvolution: the power of the connected citizen'

This book has been released by Cibervoluntarios foundation and it gather several initiatives which use the new technologies for human empowering with social aims.

By empowering, people try to make possitive changes in the society in which they live by improving the spiritual, political, social and economic strength.

With project, Cibervoluntarios foundation wants to bring the attention to the effort that some people do to improve the opportunities, capacities and rights of anybody else through the new technologies. This samples of citizen empowering are gathered every year in a book, which tells reflections, tools, experiences and applications amongst other examples.

This year one of this samples of empowering gathered in the book 'Redvolution: the power of the connected citizen' is tweri, a geolocated application that tries to help people with Alzheimer's disease.

Jorge Ruiz Magaña, Product head of tweri at solusoft Innova, described and explained his experience with tweri Alzheimer caregiver, explaining the aims of this app and how it works. He also explains why solusoft wanted to develop this project.

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