Source: 4 June 2012

CEAPAT chooses tweri as an innovative initiative into OPTICAE project

Imserso's CEAPAT and the spanish Foundation of Companies and Society have chosen 57 business initiatives which improve people's autonomy during their aging.

On 2012 Spain celebrates the European Year for Active Ageing and Solidarity between generations, in which one of the projects is OPTICAE (business opportunities about Information and Communication Technologies for the autonomy of old people). The results of this project were presented during an opened door journey.

This project has been developed by CEAPAT and the spanish Foundation of Companies and Society and it gather together 57 business initiavives which try to improve the autonomy of elerly people using the information and communication technologies.

One of these projects is tweri, the position tracking application developed by solusoft which allows people with Alzheimer's disease to live their routine out of their home independently.

You can look up the complete report in this link, where you can find the rest of projects chosen.

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