Source: Onda Mujer radio 26 March 2014

We talk about tweri on Onda Mujer radio

"We have the spotlight put on a lot of new possible functions for tweri", says Jorge Ruiz.

Sonia Herranz y Jorge Ruiz, de tweri, en Onda Mujer.
Sonia Herranz y Jorge Ruiz, de tweri, en Onda Mujer.

One week ago The App Date presented ther 50 best e-Health apps in Spanish report, among which we could find tweri and, now, our colleagues visited Onda Mujer radio studio to talk about our mobility solution for affected by Alzheimer's disease and their caregivers and relatives.

Once again Jorge Ruiz, Product Manager for tweri, and Sonia Herrand, the app Community Manager, were the responsible for give voice to our tool.

"Since its launch in 2011 we had over 18.000 downloads" explained proudly Sonia Herranz "and we joined a community of more than 20.000 users, 3.000 of them active".

"We have a huge catalogue of possible functionalities for tweri" added Jorge Ruiz. The app Product Manager also cleared that it will continue being free for both iPhone and for Android smartphones: "We don't want to have an economic effect on the affected or the relatives. They already have enough with the illness".

With the aim of tweri can continue evolving we have conceived two patronage systems so as companies can reinforce their brand image and do their part in the fight against Alzheimer's at the same time: Gold sponsor, 30.000 euros yearly and two Silver sponsors, 15.000 euros yearly. Would you like to participate? Contact us!

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