Source: Melodía FM radio 9 April 2014

tweri, one of the best e-Health apps for Melodía FM radio

The radio station morning program, conducted by a famous Spanish hostess, highlights tweri as one of the best e-Health mobile solutions.

tweri en Melodía FM
tweri en Melodía FM

The Spanish radio station Melodía FM talked yesterday during its morning program about e-Health mobile applications.

Sara Ramos, who usually talks about apps during the program, talked about what they decided to call the e-Health apps' Oscars, referring to the report recently published by The App Date, where there were reviewed the 50 best e-Health mobile apps in Spanish.

Among them, the broadcaster wanted to name those ones she considered more useful, such as IntolerApp, Doctoralia, Emergency First Aid Guide and, lastly, tweri Alzheimer caregiver, our mobile solution for people with Alzheimer's disease, which provides independece to the affected and peace of mind to the caregiver totally for free.

Here you can listen the fragment of the program (In Spanish):

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